Best Apps to recognize plants with your smartphone

Among the many passions that we can cultivate in our free time, that for nature is undoubtedly one of the noblest, able to reconcile us with the world through landscapes and panoramas that help to calm body and spirit. One aspect of this passion is certainly the love for plants. Maybe you are not an expert in botany, but you also probably love walking through meadows and woods to discover all types of plants, including the rarest ones.

Best Apps to recognize plants with your smartphone

However, it will have happened to you several times to come across some plant with a particular aesthetic and never been able to identify it with its name. You may not know it, but there are applications that allow you to recognize not only plants but also trees and flowers. These are tools that you can use for free, simply by framing the plant of your interest with the camera of your mobile smartphone (or by uploading a photo taken at another time). The application will give you the answer and satisfy your thirst for knowledge, using a particular integrated recognition system.

But do these apps really work?

In fact, the most used plant recognition apps by users do their job very well, being able to identify trees, plants, and flowers with great precision, even the most difficult, but you need to focus well on the leaf or flower.

Best Apps For Identifying Plants

App for recognizing plants, flowers, and trees, here are the best ones for iOS and Android The main apps for recognizing plants can be downloaded from both the Google Play Store and the App Store: therefore, whether you have an Android smartphone or an iPhone , you can easily exploit the potential of these platforms.


PlantNet is probably the best-known and most used application for plant recognition. It is no coincidence that industry experts consider it the best app for this purpose, thanks to the presence of an excellent recognition system that interfaces perfectly with a very large integrated online database, all supported by the help of Wikipedia users.

Furthermore, PlantNet has a very simple and intuitive interface, within everyone’s reach. In the Projects section, which you will find as soon as you open the app, you can consult the large database complete with a subdivision by continents. In the News section, you will find the plants uploaded by users who use the app, while in the Explorer section you will find a list of plants in alphabetical order.

The recognition of plants is very simple: if you have an Android smartphone you just need to click on the camera symbol, if you have an iPhone you will have to press on the magnifying glass. Once the photo has been taken, all you have to do is wait for the plant to be recognized.


PictureThis is another very easy-to-use plant recognition application. All you have to do is frame the plant you want to recognize with the app, also taking advantage of a zoom option that will allow you to bring the shot closer and facilitate recognition.

app identifies plants

In a very short time (sometimes less than a second) the app will recognize the species and will also provide you with all the information regarding the plant in the frame. PictureThis also has a feature that allows you to discover all the plants of a particular country, both native and imported.


Another free app that you can use to recognize plants is Herbarium, it has a really easy-to-use interface, with two sections, one dedicated to the database and the other called “My herbs” where you can consult the list of all plants identified via the phone’s GPS.

The flaw of Herbarium is the lack of automatic recognition since the identification of the plants takes place by referring to the images found in the large database. You can search by color, by checking the item that refers to the color of the plant you want to recognize.

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