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In recent years we have been witnessing a trend that is now very clear: the traditional TV of the past is disappearing, leaving space for on-demand content on the most disparate video streaming platforms. These broadcasters are therefore also adopting solutions that are increasingly similar to this new digital trend.

Watch Mediaset Infinity

For some years now, the historic Milanese audiovisual company has launched Mediaset Play, the on-demand content platform and live streaming of the house schedule. In this article, therefore, I want to explain what Mediaset Play is, how it works and how to view its contents on the most diverse devices that you can have available.

What is Mediaset Play

Mediaset Play, as previously mentioned, is a digital platform that can be consulted both through its website and through the related applications on the main mobile software markets.

Inside Mediaset Play you will find not only the on-demand episodes of the programs and TV series broadcast on the schedule of the house but also the live broadcasts of the company’s channels. Consequently, you can use it both to review maybe some episodes that you missed the last few days, and when you are away from home and do not have a TV.

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The great advantage of Mediaset Play, beyond the contents and the quality of the service, is the fact that it is a completely free platform, even if within it the classic advertisements cannot be missing to interrupt your vision. It is an honest price to pay, especially if we add the fact that for most of the contents registration is not even required (with which, however, you can get additional features, such as saving your favorite broadcasts or resuming watching from where you left off).

See free content on Mediaset Infinity ex Mediaset Play

Once we have explained how Mediaset Play works, it is time to discuss the contents of the platform.
In fact, we have previously mentioned the great variety of content present on the service, especially if we take into consideration both on-demand broadcasts and the viewing of live channels.
Consequently, it is up to the tastes of individual users to decide what to watch, it is understood that for sure you will not be bored.

Mediaset Infinity

Still not convinced? Then I’ll refresh your memory with some title.
On Mediaset Play you will be able to see the episodes of popular company broadcasts such as Cooked and eaten, Temptation Island, Amici, Avanti another!, Verissimo, or past editions of Mediaset news.
Obviously, by moving to live content you can stream Canale 5, Italia Uno, Rete 4, La5, Mediaset Extra, and all the other Mediaset channels.

There is also a direct connection to Infinity and the various premium channels, such as Starzplay, Historyplay, Blazeplay, Juventus TV, and many others; However, I warn you that these contents require subscription to a subscription, the cost of which differs depending on the plan.
In general, on Infinity, you can find many movies and TV series in streaming (not present on Mediaset Play), some of which are also very noble.
If you are not interested in these contents, do not worry, as Infinity and Mediaset Play are two distinct services: consequently, you can watch Mediaset Play for free even without subscribing to Infinity.

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